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Guest post at CentralBylines

Got the exciting news that another article has been published over at CentralBylines.

The article takes a hard look at the UK governments excuses and dodgy dealings in the past twelve months.

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BREXIT a modern day Icarus story

Pride is a dangerous thing. When does pride become vanity? The ego is a driving force behind many of the best and worst landmark events throughout history.

Integral to self-belief, a strong sense of self and a little ego can go a long way. Yet, history is littered with a comedy of errors where people fall flat on their face due to an overestimation of their abilities driven in no small part by an overactive ego. As the saying goes, pride comes before a fall.

The infamous story of Icarus perfectly illustrates this very theme. The overconfidence in ones abilities, the overestimation of ones success are all too often what brings about ones downfall.

Now you may wonder, what does this have to do with Brexit? Or – more likely – you can infer exactly what point I’m driving at.

Brexit is the Icarus of modern times.

“Brexit is the Icarus of modern times”

Damaged pride on behalf of the British since the fall of its empire has left us with a sour taste in our mouth when it comes to global politics. We’ve got the ego of a superpower without the power to match.

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This culturewide inflated ego was begging to be manipulated by the bias mass media – owned by renowned conservative, Rupert Murdock. This led to an unofficial coup by the Tory government and it’s corrupt media to highjack the narrative and decide the EU was an all bad, all corrupt threat to our way of life.

Yet I ask you, when we parted ways with the EU, who received more power? Ourselves? Or our government?

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Ever since we left the EU in a rushed through deal there have been no end of problems for people across Britain. The deal itself was in fact poorer deal than what we previously had inside the EU and even worse than the deal Theresa May proposed during her time as PM. This deal has made trade with the EU near impossible with endless paperwork. This deal has seen an end to British fishing as we know it, with many no longer being financially viable. This deal sees an end to travel, an end to studying abroad in Europe. And yes, as surprised as many of our British ‘Ex-pats’ in Spain were, this end to freedom of movement works both ways. So pack your bags, grit your teeth and make your way back to Blighty.

“pack your bags, grit your teeth and make your way back to Blighty”

Now many of you may still wonder, how did we end up here? In an all too apparently weaker position than we were before.

The answer: pride. We let ourselves get carried away with delusions of grandeur and lost sense of reality. We’re a weaker country out alone trying to reclaim an empire that has long since been dead. We didn’t want to believe it, we preferred the fantasy. It suited our self image, our ego and our pride far more than the reality, and now we’re paying the price.

Britain is a modern day Icarus story. A lesson to others in what happens when you fly too close to the sun. Or more aptly, believe what you read in The Sun.